Krokodil Drug Symptoms

Even though it was first discovered in 2010 in Russia, Krokodil Drug has become a new global terror. It quickly destroy’s the user’s body, not only the mind. Due to its severe danger, it is very important to know symptoms of Krokodil drugs addiction. By knowing and identifying krokodil drug symptoms correctly we can help to deliver the treatments as soon as possible rather than later.


Krokodil has attracted a great public interest, especially from junkies who are looking for much stronger and much cheaper drugs that are also easier to make. Krokodil has all of these requirements in one package. It is 12 times stronger than heroin and methampethamine with much cheaper manufacturing cost. In order to make Krokodil drugs, you just need to combine codeine, gasoline, iodine, and red phosphorous into one and cook it for 30 minutes. You don’t need specific tools to do this because it can be done at your own kitchen. However, severe pains that Krokodil drugs give to your body, soul, and mind does not match with ‘solution’ it offers for your problems or drugs addiction, to be precise.

At least there are some specific symptoms related to Krokodil drugs addiction. First symptom appears seconds after the injection. Krokodil user’s skin will change from normal skin color into dark green, the same color with crocodile skin from which this Russia new drugs got its name.
Second symptom give another name to Krokodil drug: flesh-eating drugs. Slowly, but sure Krokodil drugs will ‘eat’ its user’s flesh. In some cases when Krokodil drug addiction is major, Krokodil drugs user’s only have their bones left, leaving amputation as the best solution.

krokodil drug symptoms

Third symptom is the most rare symptom that ever recorded in relationship with Krokodil drugs addiction. In some cases when someone injects Krokodil drug in a large dose into their blood vein or use the drugs for a long term period, the worst case may happens. This is not about their flesh for being rotten off, but much worse because the bones will be rusty, too. It is logic that some people believe when you start to abuse Krokodil drugs, at the same time you start to change your life from a normal one into zombie.

Since the first day it was globally known, most doctors and medical experts believe that there is no cure available for Krokodil drugs addiction. This means once you abused Krokodil drugs and get addicted with it, you should be ready for your own death at any time. In this case, the only thing that you can do to save your life is to stay away from Krokodil, as well as other drug variants, as far as you can. Even though you are the richest man in the universe, there is nothing you can do. Krokodil drugs offer you not solution for problem you have, but tragic death that no one wants. Krokodil drugs offer you slow death, much worse than cancer, HIV/AIDS, SARS, and other similar deadly diseases. With life expectancy no more than 2 months, there is nothing good you can expect from this deadly Russia flesh-eating drugs.

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