How Krokodil Drug Is Made

In this article we will discuss about how the Krokodil drug is made. Since the first time of its discovery, various medical studies have been performed to learn about drugs effect on human brain. There are various drug variants, but all of them affect the body in the same way by releasing chemical substance that triggers the brain to create hallucination.

addictionFor long term period, use of drugs may lead to brain disability to separate what is real and unreal. This is a common phenomenon when someone comes to addiction stage. When someone get addicted with drugs, in order to keep both the body and mind ‘works’ normally, higher drugs dosage is the only solution, but it does not end there. The dosage will increase every time you use the drug. At one point, the patient needs not only higher dosage, but also stronger drugs. This is the situation from which Krokodil was manufactured for the first time.

Before it was made in Russia in 2010, there is a simple question came into all junkies’ mind: how to create a new drug variant that is much stronger than other drugs in existence, but cheap and easy to make. In some drugs addiction cases that ever recorded, some drug addicts try to combine some drugs and create a new one. In other cases, other drug addicts try to combine some medications and other stuffs that most people think as not dangerous at all.

Well, it is not true at all because Krokodil or Crocodile or Desomorphine was completely made as uncommon combination from codeine, HCl acid, iodine, gasoline, and red phosphorous as the standard ingredients. While some of them are dangerous such as HCL acid and iodine, most of them can be found at drugs store easily, from codeine which is commonly used as medication for headache, gasoline, and red phosphorous which can be easily found at both sides of a matchbox.

krokodil drug ingredientsNow, we have the ingredients for the Krokodil drug. The next step is how Krokodil is made. This is another drugs manufacture solution that Desomorphine has. It is very easy to create. You do not need a lab, specific tools, and knowledge in drugs making in order to make Krokodil. All you need is a room, some standard cooking tools such as pans etc., and something that can heat the compound. If all of these stuffs have been gathered, the next thing in making Krokodil is to combine all materials into one place and cook it for about 30 minutes.It only needs half an hour to complete and ready to be injected at any time. Of course at this time, the purity of Krokodil depends on what tools do you use to make the drugs and how clean they are. The cleaner the tools are, the more pure the Krokodil will be. However, there is one weakness from Krokodil. Even though it is 12 times stronger than heroin and methamphetamine, cheaper than other drug variants ever existed, and very easy to create, it only lasts for 90 minutes. It is much shorter than heroin that may last for 4 – 7 hours. Nevertheless, the effect can last a lifetime and it is not a pretty one.

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