Krokodil Drug Ingredients

Today we will look at the Krokodil Drug ingredients and why it is so dangerous. Popularly known as flesh eating drugs, Krokodil drugs has attracted global public interest. This is not only because the cost is much cheaper than other drug variants, including heroin, methamphetamine etc., but also because of its strength in affecting the user’s mind eventhough it is shorter than other drug variants such as heroin. Krokodil usually affects the user’s mind for about 90 minutes, while other drug variants can perform the same thing for about 4 – 7 hours.

Another thing that makes Krokodil interesting for drug addicts is the simplicity of making it. They do not need to find the ‘dealer’ and buy it from them, but instead they can make it by themselves at their own kitchen. In order to do that, at least there are some Krokodil drug ingredients they should collect.

krokodil drug ingredients

Codeine is the first ingredient for Krokodil drug. For your information, codeine is common medication for headache, cough, and pain. Codeine works by stimulating specific part of patient’s brain to suppress the symptoms. This is because chemical substance inside codeine works both as analgesic and antitussive.

Second ingredients that commonly used to make Krokodil drug is gasoline. Everyone should have known about this ingredient because most people use it as fuel for their vehicle. This is also another reason behind Krokodil dangerous threat. You put your life on bet if you choose to place gasoline as ingredients for drugs, especially Krokodil.

Iodine is the next common ingredients used to make Krokodil, even though not everyone uses it to make the drugs. Iodine is common substance you can find at your kitchen salt. Until now, we don’t have enough information about why iodine used to make Krokodil, but still it is very important to know about this.

Now, the most dangerous ingredient used to make Krokodil drug is red phosphorous. The name may be still unfamiliar for most people, but luckily you can find this substance at your match box. You can find this substance at both left and right side of the match box. In order to light the match, you need to scrape your match to it. As you can see, the natural property of red phosphorous is flammable. A ‘nice’ combination between red phosphorous and gasoline will create fire.

red phosphorus

Most doctors believe that Krokodil is the cheapest, easiest to create, and most dangerous drugs ever discovered in human history. It is mainly because that Krokodil combines all dangerous threat from all drugs into one new piece of drug variant. Once injected, Krokodil will works 12 times better than heroin and methamphetamine, but in the other side it will also damage your body. In the other side, once you have injected the drug, your skin color will turn from normal color into green, just like crocodile skin. Your flesh will rot off slowly but sure, starting from around the injection spot, until there are only bones left. This is the condition from which Krokodil gets its name as flesh-eating drug.

One information you should also know that once you get addicted with Krokodil, there is no guarantee that you can be released from the addiction. The only guarantee is you will suffer for the rest of your life. That is why it is the most dangerous drug of all kind.

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