Krokodil Drug Epidemic Around the World

It only needs less than 3 years to make Krokodil drug as the most popular drugs in the world. It is not the first drug ever discovered, also not the cheapest one, but with the strength it has in destroying someone’s life, Krokodil has become a new global threat. Krokodil drug epidemic has become a global phenomenon in the recent time.

krokodil epidemic

Desomorphine or Crocodile or Krokodil is a new, yet deadly drug variants created in Russia in 2010. At that time, a Russia drug ‘designer’ try to make a new drug variant that is much stronger than heroin, methamphetamine, and other drug variants, easier to make, and cheaper to get. Until that time, there were only 2 ways in getting this done: combine existing drugs into one or use other ‘alternative’ ingredients to make a completely new drug variant.

Compared to the first alternative, most drug creators usually will choose to find other ingredients to make a new variant. This is the same way they use to make Krokodil. They combine HCl acid, iodine, gasoline, paint thinner, red phosphorous, codeine and cook it for 30 minutes until they get a new drug variant that is 12 much stronger than heroin and methampetamine, easier to make, and cheaper to get. It is also tragic to know that these reasons have also become the main reason in making Krokodil as the new drug epidemy.



Far before it was first manufactured in Russia, there was a report about similar case in Far East countries as well as Siberia in 2002. However, there was no complete data about the issue and no further studies performed to confirm the truth about this issue. Years later, with unknown spreading methods, this unidentified (at least until that time) drug terror has spread into surrounding countries until they reached Russia in 2010. Russia is the place where this drug was manipulated to increase its strength, reduce the price to get it, and make it easier to create. It is believed that you don’t need specific tools to create Krokodil. Just gather the ingredients and prepare something that can heat the combination and within 30 minutes you can have the drug.
In 2012, there was another report about Krokodil abuse in Europe. How it can arrive in Europe is still a mystery until today. It starts with one country at first, then completely spread to all European countries within 1 year or two.

Not only people that believe USA is a dream country, but also drugs. That may be the reason why in 2013, Krokodil abuse has been reported in some regions in the United States such as Philadelphia, Chicago and other areas. The same thing is it is still unknown who brings this deadly drugs into the country. At first, no one interested in this subject, but when there is a report that a new drug variant has been found in the US that has the ability to eat its user’s flesh and bone, everyone suddenly become interested. This is good because public interest will also create public awareness in preventing Krokodil in becoming a global endemic.

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